Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Food Blog?.......But I'm No Foodie!

Okay, so I really have no idea what I'm doing right now, and I think it's kind of lame to spend time writing about (or even mentioning) that.  So, moving right along.......

I'm doing this for a couple different reasons:

#1. I love food.  Period.  Cooking it, eating it, experiencing it, talking about it.  Enough said.

#2. I was out at Mint on N. Russell with some co-workers remarking on the libations and talking about food as I often do.  Specifically, I was fantasizing about the basil ice cream at Pix Patisserie and telling them about my flubbed attempt to recreate it.....when Heather and Denise said I should start a food blog.  My response was typical...."Me?  What-ever for????? There are so many out there, why would anyone read mine???" The answers from my very young and very hip co-workers were v. kind and obviously motivating....

Just two days later, I was chatting with my sister in front of a friend and describing to her a morsel of food I'd tried (at Mint).  The friend (Juanita) remarked "no matter what the topic of conversation.....you always manage to bring it back to food."  I took this as a compliment.  Amazingly, the topic came up AGAIN.....(me starting a food blog).

#3. Getting my cooking & eating experiences down in this way will help me track them, remember them, share them and recreate them.

Does anyone care so far?  Maybe not.  In fact, I am betting nobody will.  BUT ----- for you (Heather, Denise, Sabrina, Juanita......) maybe others...... I'll share a little about what I cook, where I eat and drink, what I do with my Organics to You provisions, and whatever else I think of.


  1. I love this blog!!! Best blog ever!!! Please post more. Can't get enough! ;)

  2. Being that I am on the receiving end of most dishes mentioned on this blog, I am also excited about sharing my thoughts.
    I am certainly not complaining about being the guinea pig for these dishes, and will continue to "take one for the team", as someone has to do this tough job. lol
    Seriously though, I can tell you that one of the ways of encouraging my wife to share her creative meals with the world is to comment on her blog, and of course share it with your friends!