Sunday, August 29, 2010

Lunch at Thai Terrace

Ok, guys.  New lunch place for you, up by PCC Cascade.  Last Friday I had a lunch meeting with C.C. and C.D. and we were meeting up at C.C.'s office on campus.  C.C. suggested walking up to a Thai place that he likes, so we did just that.  The restaurant, Thai Terrace is located at 902 N. Killingsworth Street. I wasn't too hungry, but when we walked in I was immediately overtaken by the appetizing aroma.  

The place itself was pleasantly decorated with striking colors, authentic-looking Thai art, beautiful mother-of-pearl looking chandelierish light fixtures and dark wood tables throughout.  I ordered the (chicken) Panang Curry (the one with green beans, bell peppers and kaffir leaves) and was asked how spicy I like it.  (Nice of them to ask).  I said "medium," and immediately regretted it, thinking maybe the curry wouldn't be spicy enough.  To my delight, however, their "medium" was spiced perfectly to my liking.  The curry tasted very fresh, the coconut milk was not too dense, the green beans were crisp-tender and oh-so-green.  It was absolutely tasty and just the perfect portion size for lunch.  It was priced at $6.75 for lunch, so I will definitely be back.  (Maybe next week).

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  1. Yum. Sounds delish and for a good price! Have you tried any authentic pizza places? Curious about your pizza experiences. I have a friend I'm meeting at Dove Vivi and they're supposed to have a good corn meal crust...