Sunday, November 21, 2010

Cooking the Feast at Oregon Culinary Institute

Yesterday was the big day.  We prepared all the food (except desserts) for Feast for Southeast.  It was a marvelous cooking party, and a truly unforgettable experience.  I had been excited to cook in an amazing commercial kitchen since we found out we'd be able to do it at OCI.  But helping to prepare everything under the direction of Chef Josh Hobson was fun (and educational).

We made turkey (breast), ham, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and green beans.  We made enough for 300 people and packaged everything up into trays that will be stored at a commercial kitchen in Vancouver until Thursday morning, when the food will be transported back to be reheated at OCI.

I'll keep this post short, because I mostly want to show you the pictures, but let me tell you guys - this will be a remarkable and delectable feast.  It was prepared with top quality ingredients (thanks to FSA and Charlie's Produce) and with much love and dedication.

Check it out.

Loading up to head over to the Oregon Culinary Institute.

Learning the kitchen lingo, do's & don'ts, and game plan for the day.

We chopped onions, herbs, bread and celery for the stuffing.
If only you could smell this sage.....

Ahhhhhhhhh, stuffing........
Mashed potatoes for 300? No problem.
The veggies

I've NEVER met a juicier turkey breast....I can't wait.

Transporting the food to be stored until Thursday.

Clean-up is FINALLY over!


  1. awesome job guys! So jealous I can't be there...

  2. looked like a ton of fun... wish I could have been there... I'll have to settle for nibbling a little on Thursday (if there's any left over!!)

  3. wow, a labor of love and a feast of flavor! very cool. thanks for sharing the pics.

  4. It was an amazing experience seeing volunteers from all over participating in such a great cause!! I must say that the food is delicious, and cannot wait to taste it again this Thursday. Hope to see all of your there.