Thursday, November 4, 2010

Portland's Answer to Holiday Fruitcakes

attachment.ashx.jpgI usually don't write here about foods that I don't make myself ('cause I like to tell you how to make it) or that you can get yourself (from a restaurant, food cart, etcetera).  Fortunately for me, (but most of all YOU) the wine cake that I'm going to tell you about is available for order for the holiday season.  (Though you need to act fast as it needs 4-6 weeks to age to perfection).

Denise's Mother's Infamous Wine Cake

We have all been either the unfortunate recipient or the guilty giver of the unwanted fruitcake as a holiday gift. Fruitcakes were not always such an unpopular gift.  In fact, the tradition had to start somewhere!  But over the last few decades, the fruitcake has become the butt of jokes and generally despised both as a confection and as a gift.

Portlanders will be very happy to learn, as I was, that there's a new player in town.  The Wine Cake.  Need I say more?  I mean, really, how Pacific-Northwest does it get?  The slice I tasted had a distinct flavor that layered notes of a fine vintage and warm cinnamon onto a light, yet incredibly moist base of (sigh) cake.  Each bite featured a complexity of flavors and textures including a sugary crumb topping with a slight crunch to it and a ribbon of something (could it be red wine??) that both perplexed me and threw me into a delirium.

Now, for the good news.  This is the perfect holiday treat to bring to parties, potlucks, as hostess gifts, or even as a classier fruitcake substitute (AKA "gift.")  This is a cake you can feel good about giving.  Each loaf costs $12.99, or you can order 2 for $23.00.  Place your order by emailing Denise at by calling her at 503-807-8503.  Remember, the cakes need to age 4-6 weeks, so order early!! I know I will....


  1. I can honestly say from experience that this is one of the best cakes I've ever had. I wait all year for the chance to get a slice and can't wait to put my order in. One of the best things about the holidays!!

  2. As you know, I agree. I just "met" this cake, but know that I will also feel this way. It's such a unique cake - totally something to look forward to.

  3. Our family was introduced to these wonderful moist, nutty, cinnamoney cakes when my Auntie Denise sent some for Christmas when I was a teenager. A wonderful family tradition to enjoy these for the holidays.